There are moments….

Posted on February 18, 2012


There are moments when I’m driving that I feel like i can just keep going…forever. I feel no need to stop or turn back. I get lost in the length of the road… the skyline. Finding myself simply drifting to possibilities.

Today I felt that dream like feel. Not out of a place of a “gotta go … need to start over” push as those I have felt in the past from a heart of pain, but from a heart of peace that is just wanting to be somewhere new. Somewhere where no one knows my name. I had to do a heart search on that on, considering I really love my life at this moment and have such a fantastic community that is rather large with many people who seem to know my name even if I don’t know them… And I like it.

So… what is this about? Why do I just really long to be in a new place? I really desire a new environment where the only thing that I have is the Lover of my soul… My character (which is being shaped moment by moment)… My authenticity (though it will be tested and questioned since new people are usually unsure of it)… and fresh pages for me to write on. Where no one knows me, my past,…

Wait! Is that what it is? Do I not want to  be known through the lens of my past? No! I’m not ashamed of my past … or the journey I have taken … or the choices I’ve made! I am not ashamed or dismayed! It has been where I have grown, been shattered, shaped, sanded, molded more into the masterpiece designed at the chore of me before time began. I love who I am and all the elements that have been used to make me who I am right now for this time and this place.

Then, I suppose, it’s not my past as much as it is those of my past that are not participating in my present, as a matter of fact, chose to leave the path and trek I am currently on.

must contemplate more on this topic…. so for now… may the moments continue to move on the Path He’s blazed me on…