What is it about Pride…

Posted on February 27, 2012


what is it about pride that sends a person into the senselessness of stupid choices… Those choices that in reality are rebellious sin.

“No, of course I’ll be fine. Now worries.”

“I just want to not think tonight.”

“Seriously. I got this.”

Every single statement attached to pride. What is really being said is :

“I’m hurt/angry… but I am not going to burden you with it.” — Pride

“I am so in my head and don’t want to burden anyone with my ‘stuff’. It’s mine to deal with later.” — Pride

“I’m perfectly capable to handle my own stuff.” — Pride

Where… if anywhere… is there the humble understanding that we were not meant to go at this alone? That understanding that there is Someone bigger and wants us to come to him with everything… He knows it before we do it anyway. Not to mention… the choices we make in that frame of mind is usually not good… At all! They just tend to leave us feeling more alone and isolated than before.

Isn’t that what the enemy of our souls wants? Isolate… Attack… Kill!! ANd yet we fall for it every time…just different disguises. I know that I’m not alone in this. It feels like you have shamefully failed and there is now to fix it.

Whoever said we were supposed to “fix it,” though??

(February 27th)