Question asked of me:

Posted on February 29, 2012


Q: What is the most important lesson you have learned in your life?

A: I have a choice in creating a brilliantly beautiful Masterpiece!

There are many things in life that teach you lessons. There are some people who can learn from others … then there are those of us that have to learn the hard way. I have made my share of bad choices and been on the receiving end of others bad choices: addiction, alcoholism, abuse, adultery, divorce… gossip, bullying,… rape. In some way, those things have chipped, shattered, chilled, heated, or shattered my life. Add to that the healing process, the ownership of my part, the amends to be made for those I have affected with my damage, the forgiveness… sanding down the edges. To take ownership of my part and embrace the consequences instead of playing the “victim” or “passing-the-buck” strengthens and helps the masterpiece of my character to take shape. Forgiveness allows for the bitterness and cynicism to not hold me back or be like a cancer killing me from within. Then the hot molten iron begins to pull all of the pieces together. My life, with many lessons learned, begins to take shape and my character solidifies into a masterpiece similar to that of a stain-glass mosaic… a variety of shapes, sizes, colors…welded together in brilliance. So you ask: “What is the most important lesson I have learned in my life?” That all the things that happen, people I meet, choices I make and how I handle myself in it all may break me…however, the broken-ness is made brilliantly beautiful. I choose. I get a hand in that masterpiece.