Today as I toil upon the journey

Posted on August 23, 2012


As I work and toil with in this day I am sitting within the deep foliage and resting in the depth of His presence represented by the full creation surrounding me. Filling my canteen with Living Water and pulling out the papyrus treasured scrolls that I have had tucked away in my pack, I soak in and draw deeper. The heart of this Tomb Raider(restorer) Warrior princess is begging to burst and yet is contained within.

I have been swinging through the rain-forest jungle and have only today come to pause… though many moments of rest have taken place along the way. Pondering & conversing with my Adventure Guide who knows the way better than I and knows where to go next on the adventure. We’ve been to the restored ruins.. certain there are more to discover. We’ve been to the Soul refreshing Lagoons.

I have Jumped with Him hand in hand off one of the highest points where a rushing waterfall thundered into a deep lagoon fresh and new. All this to say that I know there is more to come. I have also been stuck in the quick sand. I’ve felt the sting of the arrows shot by stealth jungle ninjas. I have been tangled up in the vines. All in all I have never been alone!! Sojourning one step at a time and growing, learning, healing, discovering, boldly chasing, resting, training, and just Being in every moment of everyday. In all I have been blessed…

Today… today I am counting my blessings and drinking in the fullness of the Water & Word that restores & strengthens my soul before I take another step. I see the beginning cleared away path… taking a moment before I place my foot into his footprint path. May other Sojourners who come across this carved tree read and be encouraged upon their trek today. 🙂

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