Sparkle in the Rain

Posted on October 27, 2012


As the fully birthed rain
quenches the desert thirst
So the word from the Lover of my soul
fills the crevasses of my stain-glass masterpiece

As this molten iron draws the shattered pieces together
every edge is melted and molded with the shape being formed.
All colors of Glory made in bruised and battered walk
All sharp edge knives made in moments and choices broken
But not one without
all steps to reach the tattered hearts.

So as the rain falls
I know the sunshine still remains
Behind the full gray clouds
Burning BRIGHTER than the noonday.

The hope is always present
the Joy always there
When the forlorn spirit needs it
It’s just a matter of singing and seeing the sparkle
Found as you watch the raindrops fall in percussion serenade flare.

He made the rain and cries in your pain
Whether you believe him or not, he stays
There is no leaving of the Creator’s stand
as He waits longingly to embrace you and take your hand

For this journey is long,
and for some too short
The adventure awaits you
in each choice and word.
You cannot maneuver it with out a guide
Who knows the lay of the land.
He knows every strangling vine,
and sinking sand.

SO when the rain falls…
know you are never a lone…
And Hope is rising as you weather the storm.
It’s a heart change
Not just a mind change
That calls your aching soul to peace
It’s vulnerable
and ugly until the Son-light of grace.

It is in that moment you see shattered pieces come to life
Throwing beautiful warm rainbows in the darkness of night.
May the rain of your moments
be the Hope of colorful stain
For your stain-glass mosaic pieces
are priceless and He has already paid.

Such treasured pieces …
only a masters hand can understand
how to handle them delicately
when placing together the stories glass.

When the rain falls
remember the sun will again shine through
and all those fallen fragments
will sparkle and bring life
Just like you!