Weary Soul

Posted on November 13, 2012


“sweet tired
broken soul…
come rest your head on me
come fix your gaze
and walk ahead
in my refuge your burden is broken free.
though the weight

is hard to bear
you do not walk a lone.
many come
battle scarred and torn
crawling under their crushing loads
so hand it over
for my yoke is light
i will bear the burdens evermore.
no soul is strong enough
wise enough
tough enough
to bear burdens all on their own.”– With love, Creator of your Soul

remember oh heart… you are not alone nor to you take on the loads of others all on your own. I’m NOT strong enough … but HE is MORE than a CONQUEROR… He is HEALER, SAVIOR, Warrior of my soul! IN HIM …. all things are possible and the weak are made strong…. mourning turns into song… and the weary find the wings to fly!!