Posted on December 4, 2012


hands of love -- by jeanette mayhew 2009

Four years of drowning sorrows

While watching Christmas bliss

Romantic heart always hopeful

Mind shattered in  remembrances.

Always thankful for the crumbs

While choosing to see a full platter instead

View always skewed towards the better

Regardless of heart-breaks and moments dead.

So sitting in a hole

rather choosing to be all alone

I once drowned in my sea of tear drops

aching for what I now am trusted to hold.

Hope, always present even in painful days,

Is rising upon the silver

The lining around the grays

For such a bold lining

The light most be brilliantly bright

As the black gray clouds are now passing

I’m nearly blinded by the light.

So as my favorite time of year

Comes sauntering around the bend

and Winter land is back with it’s wonder

Joy bubbles over the ridge

of  a once romantic heart drained dry but choosing to be half full

I am again found dancing within the snow under mistletoe!