Winter’s walk…. Thrive

Posted on December 4, 2012


snowpathHope is growing under what looks to be dead

and new life is never as it seems

for our heart’s eyes are always blurred 

With rain or frozen in pain. 

Take my hand dear traveler

I have been down a road or two

I can guarantee

this path has seen others

walking alongside you.

Close your eyes and listen carefully 

See what you may hear


Feet moving upon the rainy, muddy path… 


Travelers stepping upon the fallen snow patch

There are more than you deem near.

Though one can feel so isolated

You aren’t ever alone.

Use all your senses 

Embrace the smells and reach out 

there’s someone near to hold.

When you reach out to help another

Your heart begins to heal.

These are words from one who’s gone

To the dark depths abyss of broken yield.

There are slivers of shining silver 

sprinkled a midst. 

They’re the sparkling stars

The twinkling lights

The smiles of children and friends.

The richest of Hope in manger lay

That is One who has taken the lashings

and deep anguish of your pain.

Let Him touch and take your hand 

Showing you the heart of man

you’ll see there are many there 

Ones burdened, weary, soul bare…

Surviving the hard hit winters 

was never done truly alone.

This heart did more than survive

It thrived as life grew under the cold blanket of snow.

My hope long standing

Even in the depth of pain

for it is not now nor ever humanity that helps it sustain.

My eyes forever fixed 

through the blur of tear drops rain

as each drop was accounted for

collected by He who always remains. 

So if in this time you feel the winter 

Bristle cold and darkened day

Close your eyes and listen

The wind’s song is reminding you He still remains.