Tea with a Friend…

Posted on December 29, 2012



i sit

i ponder

i cry

i pray

… sitting having tea with a brokenhearted & tired friend today.

as I listen

shattered pieces bare their soul

the fighter in side me

desires to defend and be bold.


i hold

i cry

i let silence console the sobbing tides

words rise

heart and soul

crying out

thanking for truth

battlefield unfolds

… I thank the One who has tended to my weary desert crevices and holes.

I realize then that I have been given a treasured gift

To have been where I’ve been and able to sit in moments like this.

My story is far from over …

yet it’s the lives of others I long to pour into…

knowing my place and purpose

Moving out-of-the-way for His hands to be felt too.

If only for a moment I can just sit and be

It allows them to know the touch of the Only ONE who can set them free.

It can’t be me

I’m flawed and still in the mend

He makes his presence known and is the ONLY ONE who knows what’s around the bend.

I have this precious gift

It’s a tattered and torn weary soul

That’s known the intimate touch of its Creator’s hand, so bold.

I have nothing to offer … HE has everything to give

Today I had a moment to sit in silent tea with a friend.