Face to face….

Posted on January 28, 2013


vintage_jeanettepicSitting in the dim silence of media explosion. Messages flying at me like heat-waves in form of words, thought, opinions, stories, pictures, tantalizing jingles. Within me, a swirling tornado of emotions, ideas, thoughts, plans, longings, upcoming events. Control: a feeble memory. So, I soak….

Warm vapors fill my lungs. Sweet scents envelope my senses. Rich warmth of comfort wraps around me as i slink down deep into a bath calling my soul to come and rest.

Uplifting words of hope and truth fill the air in the darkness only lit by candle flicker.

… a whisper…. “Do you trust me?”



sinking deeper…

…full and bold smooth like molasses… “Yes… Yes I do… take it all for all of me and all of my heart: dreams, desires, fears, hopes, plans…. They are all yours.”

Control: released in loss and a feeble memory no more but a realization that it was all an illusion anyway. Who knows better than the one who sees all, hears all, created all, … has the blue prints, the ins and outs of all the “secret” pathways, designs, and detailed plans? Not Me!

So … i soak. I think about the things that are true and steadfast. I focus on the things that are uplifting, encouraging, edifying, and even painful truths. The physical healing begins in this body tired and worn. The stress begins to dissipate knowing that there is One bigger than me that has gone before me in all the details and all I have to be is in this very moment. The moments passed have been dealt with and the ones before me have enough with in themselves to be enough for that moment… this moment…. this is all I am guaranteed and all I need to be in and deal with. Face and acknowledge the fears of this moment and really what is it that I have to fear. Face the lies and call them out for what they are with truth, no more no less. Face…. Me.

All of the sounds a distant whisper and the distant Whisper an intimate soothing voice as I soak… deeper… abiding in the One that is my refuge and designer… defender… lover of my soul… my Savior. Sitting and facing Him facing me. Lifting me out of the mire of burdened expectations and all consuming distraction, He takes my hand. Rising … one foot the one more… one breath and then another. Peace that surpasses all understanding pours over from head to toe. Warm, rich, thick, and wrapping I am consumed in my true Refuge and find Rest.

Face to Face. Reality releases the illusion of control. Peace overcomes fear. Truth resides and cancels out lies. Refuge and rest is completely found and jubilation overflows as we journey around the bed. The adventure many ventures and treks still ahead.