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Posted on April 24, 2013



That word hit me from my last post. It struck me that I am in conversations all day long with a myriad of different types of people. From the making statements, funny analogies, simple requests, random wishes, to questions. Most often than not it is the questions that continue the conversation. Each person asking Who? What? When? Where? Why? and How?

“Who Am I?”

“What is my purpose … or the impact of  my life?”

“When will I finally be who/what I’m ‘supposed’ to be?”

“Where do I belong?”

“WHY?”…. that one is always the word that stands alone and yet gathers the most layers with the broadest audience.

“How … how am I supposed to navigate through this life?”

As I sit and listen and often times ask the very same questions I am caused to ponder. More questions arise and yet so do some answers. It is intriguing how the next part of this writing would normally go directly to the “answers”… well… isn’t that where your mind just went? Answers! We all want them and we often want others to deliver them to us with out even checking them. I was taught at a young age to question everything.. trust few.. and have hope in the possibilities because a book is not it’s cover…. inside the possibilities are endless. I believe those lessons learned are true. So instead I’m going to take you down the journey of questions asked of me…

What are you doing with your life?

>Seeking and being challenged.

What do you mean?

> I know that there is more to this life and I have seen that miracles do happen and happy beginnings DO come true.

Don’t you mean “Happy Endings”?

>No… Happy BEGINNINGS… for my life has not ended but new chapters of the adventure has just begun…. like a fairy-tail that continues on and yet is way more authentic and realistic the ones we read as a child.

Oh! Well … What are you seeking?

>I want to set the world on fire!! I long to be all that I was designed to be… and I don’t want to settle simply because right now my life is VERY good.

What’s wrong with a “very good” life? It sounds a bit … well… I don’t know. Like you are never content. Not thankful.

>No. I am more than thankful and it is my Thanksgiving I continue to seek and ask to be pushed. Fear will keep me comfortable but honestly … I don’t want to be comfortable with there is a world out there that is hurting, longing, seeking, lying, …. DIEING! This is not the end of my life and I know I was built to reach and love.

Well… then what are you doing?

>Praying. Reading.

But what point is that if you aren’t acting?

> Good question! That was the safe route the other requires risk. I can admit that i have been… Stuck. All of my own doing. Fear=Pride…. I made it about me and to be quite frank with you … This life is NOT about ME! So… now I move. One step at a time and be real with the challenge and stretch.

Well…. unpack that.

> So I am working on the expansion and clarity of the business the Lord has put on my heart “Alluring Grace”…

Oh, there it is … that whole God thing. Alright well we are going to differ..

> Wait.. just hear me out. So I have been thinking a lot about “Who am I?” for the last 4 years. The world: psychologists, councilors, people, family, history, culture,  etc. tells me a lot of stuff… however if we only know very little of the latent parts of us and rarely encourage the expansion of those things in school or life then it seems to me that it make sense that there is A LOT we don’t know about ourselves. No one else is inside of you. So, why not ask the One who designed me, knitted me together (look at DNA, the way cells form,  the way our brain patterns… it’s all like being knitted or stitched). I mean that seems more plausible. There are just as many if not MORE unanswered questions I have found going through other avenues…. and while there may be some I have discovered that God, the Trinity, makes sense. So, I ask the question and I am discovering profound and fantastic things. Fear is being worked through and Hope is in it’s place.

Okay, so what’s “Alluring Grace” all about?

>Transformation. Understanding True Love with our True Image allows us True Freedom. Going through our wardrobe and discovering our individual stories so we can tell them well. That is both tangible and hope giving. That is what going through the closet does… we get rid of what doesn’t belong, find what truly fits for our shape, and restore the creative confidence with truth. The interesting part is that though we all have our own style… we share some basic “rules” that help us to look our very best.

What if you have stuff in your wardrobe you just want to leave in the back corner; packed away in the dark?

>We all do that anyway.  It is just taking up space that we need for fresh real unadulterated life. I get that the easy part is leaving the wardrobe just the way it is. To keep what you know and are comfortable with because the unknown is very scary. The lie is that it is worse than the crap you are keeping on you.

Why would anyone not smell that they are keeping, carrying around, or wearing “crap”?

>Your senses adapt. The sadness comes when you know that it’s there, you think it doesn’t leave a stank and that no one else is affected. It has become comfortable to do what you know even when it stanks. That is why we need help. I believe that God is who He says that he is and I have seen Him follow through in BIG ways. It is Him… the Healer, Restorer, Re-newer, Warrior, Passionate, Lover of our souls … the Creator of all your brilliance.. that makes your sense come alive and you Jump out of the stank and begin cleaning out the wardrobe discovering a brilliant, but hugely challenging, adventure deep with in it.


That is just one of the kinds of conversations that I have … it hits me though …. “helping people tell their stories”…. what is it about stories that we are drawn to?

We can relate.

We can explore.

We can be and do anything without fear.

We learn.

We grow.

We discover.

We will take risks.

And yet we won’t do that with our own story. Why?

“Why is life so hard?”

“If God is ‘Good’ and ‘Love’ then why is there pain, suffering, destruction, cataclysmic sorrows?”

Well, I would wager with both of those questions that we wouldn’t appreciate the bounty of blessings and goodness if that is all we had. The human nature is easily adaptable and tends to take for granted all that is good and brilliant unless compared with awful and disgust. What is light if there was no dark or good with out evil? We are created to choose. Each and everyone of us. If God did the choosing for us then he would merely be a puppet master. For the sake of time I am going to link “If God is ‘Good’ and ‘Love’…” to a post I wrote awhile back about true love.

There is a time to do …. but more than that there is a time to BE. I know I can NOT “BE” unless I know the One who created me and more often than not Saves me from me. The joy in that comes from the discovery HE LOVES THE CONVERSATION!! Asking questions, seeking, learning, gleaning, and then… SHARING… walking it out in reality. The moments. The dailies. A shared relationship with Him and the world in which He designed me to be in. It’s a beautiful thing… conversations. They allow us to ask questions and let our lives share the answers.

What about you?

What is your life saying?

Where are you going to find the answers to your questions?

What is the hunger in your soul?

…. more questions for a conversation.