Posted on May 8, 2013


I hate it when you know that you are supposed to write and yet you allow your fingers to be stuck. It is as if they are in concrete but you are the one who mixed it, poured it, and then stubborn enough to just allow it to sit and fix. That is me. I am sad to say but it’s true… and yet … at this moment… I WRITE. So why not before? Why not with the out pour of the many things that are bubbling with in my soul?? Ignorant & nearly, but not quite, deliberate fear.

Fear?? Yes… (that is a topic for another day).

So… I put my fingers on the keys. Pray.

Now my fingers are fluid and having a hard time keeping up with my thoughts… the beat of my heart… and the forming of thought. At least it’s a beginning. I have a parfait of thoughts to sit down and deliver here at some point but for  now it is just the ramblings…

of someone who was once…


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