24 in 42:: time

Posted on June 5, 2013


So I have found this to be on of the most challenging journeys I have taken in a while. Here’s the bottom line…. I have had to be real with myself and humble with fantastic young ladies that impact my life everyday. As I am leading them they are teaching me. As the Lord provides opportunity… I am learning lessons that I have otherwise kept just under the service. Layers of ruins being rebuilt and treasures being discovered.

When I began, I was enthusiastic even though I was scared of the leap. I knew that everything that would occur in the adventure will be beneficial, fulfilling, and …. successful.  In the process of this discussing the basics with friends that are holding me accountable to making the steps and leaps I was asked>> “What are you afraid of?”


“Letting people down”

“Letting God down”

…. and then … my A-Ha! moment…..

“I’m afraid of succeeding… huh… wow…. I’m afraid of success!”

Who knew???

Not me!

He knew though. My Adventure guide knew…. just like he knows the lay of the land, ruins in need of rebuilding, treasures that are tucked away, the traps …. everything.

So… here I am … being honest and laying it out there for you. I have delayed. I have put my feet in cement. Well.. I HAD my feet in cement… now they are free after some jack-hammer action. This is a bit of what I’ve started… so far writing, studying, started my guitar lessons (via dvd), and praying …. fervent and focused. So He I am. Beginning to move. One foot in front of the other. Looking something like this:

 (I do not own this picture.. credit goes to tumbler goblue86)

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