24 in 42:: Day 1 a.m. …. beginning

Posted on June 12, 2013


I do not own this Logo owned by Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto (game designer and producer) borrowed via open images

So … I have been moving on this journey but today I made it official: Game On Like Donkey Kong!! Day 1 (for accountability sake).

What does it look like to take on a challenge? Well apparently it is the starting up early in the morning though I would much rather stay snuggled up in bed. “You can either sleep or let me give you rest,” spoken to me more than once in the last year when I argue with the Lord about needing more sleep. This morning was no different… body and eyes weary my soul is full and rested; therefore providing more energy to my body from the rest found my soul.

Why was I awaken at o-dot-dark-hundred?? To pray, pursue, and be pursued. I have the opportunity to continue in growing relationship with some amazing young ladies even though officially their Youth Group years are over and they are heading off for college. Much is lost between young years to adult years and I am blessed with the moments to continue walking with them instead of losing those steps in between. That also awakens a passion within me… nearly a Marine type passion:  “no man left behind”. I can’t save anyone. I can pray for them and pursue the One who does.

So my day has just begun. Tonight I’ll let you know who the rest of the day went.

Oh… I also had a healthy breakfast and devotion time with my hubby this morning. 😉

On to see how the adventure continues to progress! Be blessed and encouraged as you walk into yours.