Which do you feed?

Posted on May 24, 2015


There was a story I heard while watching Tomorrowland ….

“There are two wolves

One is Darkness + despair

The other Light + hope

Which one lives?”


Curious question as this is the war that wages every day in every moment and within the heart & mind of every person to some degree. It most definitely caused me to ponder as this is a battle I face like a hurricane in so many dimensions of my heart and life… especially now. Now…while, comparatively, I am living in contented hope. Now…. while my dreamer heart is beckoned to soar and my doubting mind is tieing up my wings.

So how about you?

The answer is even more potent… “The one you feed.”

Which do you feed?

2 Wolves source: google encyclopedia

2 Wolves
source: google encyclopedia