The purpose to “just write”

Posted on January 4, 2016


There are times in life as a writer that to “just write” is a task that seems without purpose, drive or even inspiration. The point though is to “just write”; not with purpose or reason just allow yourself to flow freely from mind to paper. With the many distractions of everyday life and the needs of your daily list overflowing your cup it is a challenge to just get yourself to sit and blank space free flow… meaning let it all go and write. It can be utter nonsense. The words and sentences need no editing. You just sit and let it go. 1000 words is the primitive goal. 1000 thousand mindless ponderings, or so it may seem at the start. 1000 meaningless words that may or may not stitch together in some way. 1000 words to “just write”. At this very moment I have poured out 153 words. I have 847 still to go. In seasons of complete unadulterated freedom those ponderings would rush like a passionate, provoking, thought filled waterfall. Now? Now it is like pulling a mighty oak up and out of the ground, roots and all, from its top branch. All I can think is that “it shouldn’t be this hard,” but at the moment it is. That is what it is like for the waterfall at the breaking of a dam before it finds its overflow and breaks the cusp of its high dive. It must push through and keep going forward even if it keeps hitting a wall. The words simply need to go take a walk on paper. I once heard a great professor I had quote a brilliant establish writer on the topic of writer’s block. It was something about there being no such thing and “writer’s block” is created by our own device of simply choosing to not write. It stuck profoundly with me as I am typically not without words nor without some wondering thought but have most definitely gotten stuck in neutral. If “writer’s block” is of my own making then I can un-block but simply writing. STOP OVERTHINKING my mind screams at me. “You don’t always have to have a purpose or a profound quandary to sort out,” I find myself coaching within. I blame it on the “lack of creative feeling” or the fact that my hand literally can’t keep up with my head thereby getting tired, sore and distracting. When I try to just talk it out in to a recorder I find that I can lack the internal conversation, which in turn I find odd and again distracting. I complain that there is not the “spot” that I need, as if I am Thoreau writing Walden. I don’t have enough quiet space…when anyone who knows me knows that it is completely untrue. The saddening excuses continue with “what do I have to even say?”, not having the proper tools (ie: laptop/tablet) … or the all too common in my discussions: “who even cares what I have to say or write about? I already have heard it and I’m sure journaled it somewhere.” Well, the funny thing about excuses is that as many bricks as you lay to be your block there are also someone there that is intent on taking them down one brick at a time until you find the pointlessness of building your writer’s block. I happen to have such a person, my dear husband. In my case, he is not alone either. In many other writer’s worlds here are the parents, the friend, the professor, the sibling …. Someone telling them that all their excuses are rubbish and here is why. Then they hand them the tools to break down and dismantle every brick they have laid. If there is a story to tell, chances are people have asked you share it. If there are dreams unspoken, chances are there is a relentless pressing within trying to get it out. Not every writing or spoken word is necessary or even profound but amidst the manure there is a chance that brilliance is sprouting roots and ready to grow and bloom. You don’t know until you “just write”. So, I am kicking of this New Year with a new challenge but a simple one that means it would be sheer laziness or excruciatingly binding worth complex that will have it left incomplete by the cusp of 2017… “Just Write” a journey of 1000 words. This isn’t that hard of a task if I just look at it as I stated earlier: words that are simply taking a walk on paper. I will need to post it so that way I have some accountability or I know myself and I won’t do it. It won’t be pretty. It may be completely an editing mess. However, that is not the purpose is it? The purpose it so simply let myself write without refrain, critique, editing perfectionism, strain, or fear. It is not the only thing happening in my life either. I work, have a degree I am bound and determined to obtain, I’m married, and most importantly… I am in an everlasting growing relationship with the One who created me and has purposed me for this time and place… the Lord. Now with all of that said and done, it has become very apparent that this year is filled with abundant adventures. That means there will be challenges, treasures, storms, creatures of nurture and nature, rest, work, and filled with varying emotions. Well, let’s see… according to my life and the chapters already written… all of that is not new. I embrace it and celebrate it because it means I am living. I long to live to the fullest and I find that here recently I have held myself back while constantly being blessed and encouraged to spring with wings spread wide and soar forward. Not this year; not this time; no, this year is a new one that is already purposed to be spectacular. So, “just write” …. and guess what, I just hit 1016.

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