Fire Light Treasures (“just write” pt.3)

Posted on February 22, 2016


photo by: Jason E. Jenkins *All commons license Flickr*

There are moments in life that catch you by surprise.

Not planned

but valued at a far greater price.

Moments of laughter,


and Tears,

Moments that passionately illuminate your fears.

These moments of truth


and Pure.

Moments spent well,

nothing left,

everything learned

of depth of heart, mind, and soul…

of richness, loveliness, whispers of dreams untold.

These moments that are like stars in the sky.

You need the darkness

to see the layers of depth

of the numerous bright fire lights.

There are moments that capture your heart

completely off guard

not without …

but with abundant regard.

Those moments that capture breath…

that pour in rejuvenating life.

Those moments that make your center right.

There are moments in life that make you ask why

but I ponder and ask you …

why ask why ?

Just capture these spectacular gems

and let their sparkle shine.

There are moments in life that He has planned for your surprise !




…don’t try…


and Hold on tight!