as a deer….{part 4 in “just write”}..unedited

Posted on May 7, 2016


today was a day.

today was a day of growth

I planted. I toiled in the soil.

Allergies… i didn’t care.

I grew. I saw the fruits of my labor both at work and at home.

I had great and “sappy” conversation with my sister.

I grew… renewed more like it. I thought I was an annual but as it turns out I bloom more than a perennial.

Out … wrapped in the silky blanket of night as zillions of dancing lights… I grew.

songs of the soul and bone rose though the melodies were those of youth.

and then I saw them… interrupted in traversing and I in my quiet song, prayer and presence of One.. barks of alert and protection errupted and I saw them. First, only one, now aware of my presence and I of his. Cautious. Waiting. Then he crossed and then I saw the other. Peaking ever so slowly looking where the other had peered, alert and now aware. I sat. They crossed; two. As a deer panteth for the the water so my soul longeth after thee. You, oh Lord, are my hearts desire and I long to worship … Tears fell. Thanks in praise. Gratefulness could never be exalted as much as my heart was bubbling to express.

Answered prayers.

Answered cries.

Where He goes, so shall I.

Today … today was a day… and I continue to grow.

Tonight … I ponder and exalt as I know… to my bones I know.

… as a deer… alert and aware.

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