Peppermint… Snow’s pup

Posted on May 31, 2016



In the spirit of #nofilterliving, I need to be open about my heart and this beautiful sweet girl, Peppermint.

For the last month I have been praying, crying at different moments, and mentally preparing my emotions for a decision that has been heartbreaking wrenching to much (for both heath and i)…. Peppermint and Blitz being separated as we take Peppermint back to Montana. In the last week my soul has ached, my sweet hubby feels alone and sad in the decision (Like he is the bad guy),  and peppermint knows something is up.

Since I was a child, I have always been sensitive to the feelings and the heart of animals, so much so that Snow White was not just a cute nickname…. i felt a deep communicative connection. I believe God has given us a responsibility to be good stewards, protectors, and care takers of all He has created, including our domesticated pals. When I look in animals eyes it becomes personal.

This beauty, is my puppy. I love her more than words can express and my heart swells like tsunami waves with emotion as I want the very BEST for her… not my own personal wants.

Peppermint is
*2 1/2 year old pure cattle dog (aka Heeler).
* incredibly smart
* loves fetch (she will find it, get it, and bring it right into my hand… and if you aren’t paying attention she will push you with her nose a, whimper, look at you and then stare at whatever toy she brought you to throw)
* loves to snuggle
* loves to lay on your feet when you are cooking
* be in the center of whatever you are doing, just to be near you, lieing down.
* loves snow and shallow water (not yet a swimmer)
* busy brain (chews on stuff in her zone but stops if you tell her “drop it. It’s not yours)
*loves ice, carrots, peanut butter,  and well Food. She even likes veggies like broccoli, sometimes.
* loves walks, playing, and just being where you are.
* You are hers… she claims you, especially if you share in her loves.

So why the separation and heart wrenching choice?

Peppermint and Blitz are litter mates. With cattle dogs (we’ve learned) that can be a challenge:
1. They twin speak… if they think we are threatened they talk only to each other and focus in on the “problem” and block out our voice.
2. Without being trained for a “job” each will take on their roles in the hiarchy in a different way….
*Blitz is the lead dog (confident, out going, playful, the “mama”, corrector, sociable)
*Peppermint is the sub (insecure out side her pack, anti-social outside her pack, and depends on Blitz primarily and us … the Alpha and omega of her pack)

Peppermint is a cattle dog.
-she communicates with her mouth and discovers her world that way.
-she “warning” nips (a pinch that bruises, but not a full on bite) when you are not a pack member (people we have not introduced her to) and you are in her zone (on her property without us or in her face after she warning growled)
-she “heels” anything that looks like it is not where it is supposed to be  (our cat heading outside, vacuum, high energy child all over the place and not hearing her warning growl & bark)

So for her to be all of her best and unlock the rest of her full potential, we have made a decision.

She needs all the love she has been already getting, but a pack that can unlock her full potential, pour into her Loves, and a ranch for her to learn. She protects what is hers (her family), learns quickly, and is quick in her postures like a border, she also COMMUNICATES clearly through her eyes and body language. Being on her own, without blitz, will help her to grow in her confidence and social skills.

I want what is best for her not just what I want (which is to keep her with me… which she can feel ever feeling I have, therefore responds accordingly> I am nervous for her= she gets anxious that something is threatening me, I am cautious=she won’t let anyone close… she is simply doing what she perceives I need). It is proving that in a way I am  hurting her more than helping her if I keep her. I love her to much to not give her the best, even if that best isn’t me.

I believe the Lord teaches us valuable lessons through his beautiful creatures. They are precious to Him as well and have purpose/intention.
*He has taught me how to listen so that I may respond instead of react.
*He created peppermint and know better what her needs are than my “hovering-parent” behavior.
*He created my tender heart for a reason and
*I can trust HIM.

In the next few days it will be hard and u eill shed more oceans of tears, but I know God sees, HEARS, and LOVES far greater than me. I can’t plan for the unknowns but I can TRUST the One who has already been there and knows the “unknowns”.

So while this decision hurts me to my core, sometimes the best decisions we make for another is letting go so they can become ALL they were meant to be. Their limits are set by us being in the way with all of our “help”.

I love peppermint and she is a spectacular pup. Part of my prayer is that she always knows that. ❤