Faith… do “ya gotta have” it? {Part 5: just write.. unedited}

Posted on June 20, 2016


thick rich cotton blanket covers the sky…. cool wetness of the morning air kisses my bare toes. Fall has come and a new season begins. Is it simply what is or could it be that it is a metaphor for life as well at this moment.

“Faith, Hope, and Love…. but the greatest of these is love.”


What if you have great love and abounding hope but struggle in faith? What then?

Are destined in separation?

Are you alone in your trials?

I would say No on both accounts, however you may feel like you are because you are struggling in your faith. We all fight and long for what we can sense… the 5 (taste, touch, hear, see, smell) that have been strongly attributed in defining by Aristotle are only the part of the umbrella of a more complex system designed by a clever and creative Creator.

Funny how something seems so simple and is actually far more complex and the thing that we are making so complex is actually very simple.

Faith…. “belief that is not based on proof” {}

Faith to me…. belief regardless of what I can use my 5 senses to confirm. However I do believe that faith has proof as I believe there is more than our distinct 5 to help.

Some will disagree with me and say that is blind ignorance, while others may agree while also thinking a little bit about where I may be going with this. See…. even Science takes some FAITH. Oh yes… we forget that! Math… it takes some FAITH when are choosing to see out side the lines drawn by the status quo.  Experiencing life in general… from conception, to birth, to our first steps …… to death takes faith.

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