Happy Father’s Day … even for the fatherless

Posted on June 20, 2016


On this day I celebrate.

I celebrate because though I did not have one consistent extraordinary dad in my raising time of life. I did have an extraordinary mom who was there for all the moments, taught me forgiveness, and unconditional love. Through the years I did have, though I didn’t know for years later, an ever present, all knowing, all loving heavenly Papa, who provided many extraordinary men to help me learn about the papa heart.

The journey to the father-daughter relationship, for this “fatherless” girl is a treasure box collection. My grandpa (Papa) was the first in this journey as he was the father to my mom’s “fatherless” heart, as he and my meme adopted her in heart when she was a teen. He showed me how to always have a song in my heart, bear-hug giver, a jolly laugh to fill the room, and poured in to every person the Gospel of Jesus.  My uncles (Uncle Cameron and Uncle Joe) taught me how to play, be playful, and be artistically free with paint and music. My papa (Ken) taught me the coolness of riding a motorcycle but more importantly the defense and protection a papa has for his “daughter” against bullying boys at school. He also taught me the value of standing up for myself. Male teachers and coaches who encouraged my voice, my brain (over outer beauty… a lesson my mom was insistent on teaching me) as well as my value as a growing young woman. They also taught me that there is a time and place for healthy aggression and competitiveness; that playing “nice” is not the same as playing with character and integrity. The addition of father-in-loves (laws… Dad Mayhew and Dad Harris), one who has spent over 2 decades teaching me that I am worth fighting for and what love looks like in a healthy God honoring marriage and the other teaching me the country ethics, hard work and stern nature of protection. Fathers of friends have taught me what a daddy looks like (and doesn’t look like) in relationship to their daughters. Stepdad (Russ) that shows me that love and care can come into a daughter’s life at any time.

I must not forsake the many men in the Body of Christ. They have been there to teaching me about the protective nature of God’s heart for me, the nature of accountability for my virtue and worth. They have taught me brotherly love, but more importantly fatherly love and enforcement of the “we’ve got your back” thread throughout the tapestry of all the men Lord has provided in my “fatherless” life.

Last, but not least, there is the “Absent One.” He is the one who has taught me the importance of forgiveness and how to apply unconditional love. He has taught me the value and need of a father in a little girl’s heart. He has made me aware of the cavernous wound a girl’s heart can have when a father is absent or not in good relationship. He has shown me the value of forgiveness, unconditional love, healing, and faith. His absence has allowed me to let others in to be a part of a bigger version of me and more importantly allow the heavenly Father to heal me in such a way that there is still room for him.

On this Father’s Day, there is reason for me to celebrate as a recall how the Lord has provided “fathers” for this “fatherless” life. To honor each and every one of them would be nearly impossible. For this reason I write and celebrate. It is in honor of all the fathers that choose to make positive impacts in the lives of those that are not physically their own as well as those that are. Men that choose to check in, be intentional, and participate in the extraordinary position of daddy. This is also for the women who provide opportunity and space for such men to rise up; those women who have to wear both hats of mother and father. Thank you.

For those who share my “fatherless” life journey, I pray that your heart is filled with healing ointment of the Heavenly Papa. I pray to that He unveils your eyes to see where He has been working, lessons that have been taught and learned through the journey. I pray to that you are encouraged, as you are not alone. You are wanted, purposed, and loved.


For those longing to be fathers, but have yet to have any physical fruit, there are many who need you. Pour into those around you. They will be forever impacted by your presence, intention, and living legacy. You are purposed and the time is now. Thank you!



For all of those who are mourning as their papa’s are no longer physically here, I lift you. I pray that you are encouraged as you had one of the extraordinaries. I pray that you walk boldly in the legacy they poured into you. I pray that you rejoice in the moments, memories, and love that still pours into you as you pour into others. You are loved, precious, and have been blessed with a tender gift… a daddy. Thank you for sharing, as many times I’m sure you did often in your adventure with him.

Today I write.

Today I say thank you.

Today I celebrate.

Happy Father’s day!