Posted on January 18, 2017


photo credit: Carly Carpenter @

photo credit: Carly Carpenter @

I recently had the privilege of joining my dear friend on her blog to participate with others sojourning in life lived with intention. She is a designer, mother, writer, and founder of the Codex planner, but more importantly she is a woman after the Lord’s heart. Her desire to live intentionally and heavenly purposed is both inspiring and encouraging.

Stop by and visit Carrie Postma at the Codex Planner site. While you’re there pop over to the blog and read my newest post on Grace. I am excited to be a part of this adventure and getting my year started with a “God Period” heart & mind set. I hope you will join us.

#intentionalliving #GodPeriodLiving

*feature photo credit: Carrie Postma (a peek at the codex planner)