Boldness: the mess & brilliance

Posted on July 19, 2017


Look at the photo…

What do you see?

My eye is split between the bold red and the filthy angle caught in the opposite corner. What a perfect depiction of life: our bold beautiful side and the area we generally try to clean up first. The reality is I absolutely love the crop showing both sides. It is not always easy or perfectly clean all of the time. It gets messy. Yet it is also brilliantly bold.

I originally wanted to post a picture of Wonder Woman kneeling with sword and shield, head bowed. Due to the respect of copyright laws, I didn’t [mistakenly “steal” the photo]. However, that is a brilliant depiction of my heart: ready for battle, bowed to the One who designed me with respect and honor, graceful, powerful, kneeling in bold submission, and bold in His courageous love. I would love to share more of this story with you…

Today on the Codex Planner Blog I had the opportunity to write about Boldness (Courageous Love). I hope that you can take a moment to read more. If you do … please share your story with me and your thoughts. May you be encouraged even in your mess. It is welcome here.