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Fire Light Treasures (“just write” pt.3)

February 22, 2016


photo by: Jason E. Jenkins *All commons license Flickr* There are moments in life that catch you by surprise. Not planned but valued at a far greater price. Moments of laughter, Love, and Tears, Moments that passionately illuminate your fears. These moments of truth Righteous and Pure. Moments spent well, nothing left, everything learned of […]

GMAW: Word 1… for Tammi

June 3, 2013


breath a whisper day begins to fade yellow bleeds cotton blankets breaking lights ricochet warming comfort soul’s long tempered moments in comforting sun song night is entering as a lover’s embrace colors dancing with every hour chase before the darkness after the light Sunsets are what capture a heart’s delight. SUNSET… requested by Tammi. ūüėČ

Done with Apathy…

April 26, 2013


I am done with Apathy Letting sin being fine and free But instead speaking truth With grace and love with proof. I no longer want to sit as people hurt Or watch them act as if they’re not concerned We are created ¬†for more and intentionality For freedom and joy abundantly Don’t get me confused […]

a conversation….

April 24, 2013


today a conversation began.¬† one voice started talking the next answered in. the two voices taking time slowly getting to know the truth that lies at the center of their souls. a bridge once burned now in tender repair the Carpenter’s presence filling the space. so taking our time the healing begins just getting to […]

Truth is…

January 6, 2013


**** As I sit and ponder In prayer my heart does go not in angst or worry but how much more my heart must grow. I see an aching world before me I hear the cries of heart I long to shine light bolder I know He is the breath that ignites the spark. So […]

Tea with a Friend…

December 29, 2012


i sit i ponder i cry i pray … sitting having tea with a brokenhearted &¬†tired friend today. as I listen shattered pieces bare their soul the fighter in side me desires to defend and be bold. Instead… i hold i cry i let silence console the sobbing¬†tides words rise heart and soul crying out […]

Winter’s walk…. Thrive

December 4, 2012


Hope is growing under what looks¬†to be¬†dead and new life is never as it seems for our heart’s eyes are always blurred¬† With rain or frozen in pain.¬† Take my hand dear traveler I have been down a road or two I can¬†guarantee this path has seen others walking¬†alongside¬†you. Close your eyes and listen carefully¬† […]