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Which do you feed?

May 24, 2015


There was a story I heard while watching Tomorrowland …. “There are two wolves One is Darkness + despair The other Light + hope Which one lives?” …. Curious question as this is the war that wages every day in every moment and within the heart & mind of every person to some degree. It […]

Done with Apathy…

April 26, 2013


I am done with Apathy Letting sin being fine and free But instead speaking truth With grace and love with proof. I no longer want to sit as people hurt Or watch them act as if they’re not concerned We are created  for more and intentionality For freedom and joy abundantly Don’t get me confused […]

a conversation….

April 24, 2013


today a conversation began.  one voice started talking the next answered in. the two voices taking time slowly getting to know the truth that lies at the center of their souls. a bridge once burned now in tender repair the Carpenter’s presence filling the space. so taking our time the healing begins just getting to […]

Simple question…. novel answer….

January 12, 2013


Today I am sitting and pondering…. I should be working on my wedding website… since I’m getting married in less than 2 months…. but instead I am caught in the warm-springs of thought as I listen to music, read, and ponder. A friend asks me a simple question… and I answer with a “book” “How […]

Tea with a Friend…

December 29, 2012


i sit i ponder i cry i pray … sitting having tea with a brokenhearted & tired friend today. as I listen shattered pieces bare their soul the fighter in side me desires to defend and be bold. Instead… i hold i cry i let silence console the sobbing tides words rise heart and soul crying out […]

Kneeling I Rise….

October 31, 2012


kneeling, humbled, in awe… leaving the wreckage embracing the life. from the desert to the plush mountainside the beauty has been discovered. the delivery made Hope has risen on high Tragically beautiful New Life rises fresh and bold in light in the jungle I venture in pouring rain I bend through foliage refuge light pierces […]


April 18, 2012


it is upon the journey that I discover even more of me. Things I never knew rise to the surface and encompass me like sun-warmed lagoon. The waterfall of emotions and memories fill this lagoon ever more.. but it is the growth of foliage around such place that I can see the fertile vestige of […]