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Question asked of me:

February 29, 2012


Q:¬†What is the most important lesson you have learned in your life? A: I have a choice in creating a brilliantly beautiful Masterpiece! There are many things in life that teach you lessons. There are some people who can learn from others … then there are those of us that have to learn the hard […]

What is it about Pride…

February 27, 2012


what is it about pride that sends a person into the senselessness of stupid choices… Those choices that in reality are rebellious sin. “No, of course I’ll be fine. Now worries.” “I just want to not think tonight.” “Seriously. I got this.” Every single statement attached to pride. What is really being said is : […]

There are moments….

February 18, 2012


There are moments when I’m driving that I feel like i can just keep going…forever. I feel no need to stop or turn back. I get lost in the length of the road… the skyline. Finding myself simply drifting to possibilities. Today I felt that dream like feel. Not out of a place of a […]

simply being…

February 17, 2012


discoveries that I have found “traipsing,” at times, through the arduous jungle….the woman I am …well, shaping into… can be pretty overwhelming … quite possibly scary (in a way). That realization nearly sent me tumbling backwards sure to be wrapped up in vines and trapped in quicksand… and Yet… I push forward in an illustrious […]