... many paths on which one goes... often they feel they travel alone... though the darkness may try to hide there are others walking alongside... in this journey you aren't as alone as you think ...
July 19, 2017


January 18, 2017


I recently had the privilege of joining my dear friend on her blog to participate with others sojourning in life lived with intention. She is a designer, mother, writer, and founder of the Codex planner, but more importantly she is a woman after the Lord’s heart. Her desire to live intentionally and heavenly purposed is […]

What College Writing is Teaching Me

June 20, 2016


Let’s be open about a few things… I love writing I enjoy content and context Words fascinate me Research has an important place Having those things in mind, it is a little befuddling the struggle I have had in my composition class. It has, in all honesty, amplified insecurities and questions I have about my […]

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Faith… do “ya gotta have” it? {Part 5: just write.. unedited}

June 20, 2016


thick rich cotton blanket covers the sky…. cool wetness of the morning air kisses my bare toes. Fall has come and a new season begins. Is it simply what is or could it be that it is a metaphor for life as well at this moment. “Faith, Hope, and Love…. but the greatest of these […]

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Happy Father’s Day … even for the fatherless

June 20, 2016


On this day I celebrate. I celebrate because though I did not have one consistent extraordinary dad in my raising time of life. I did have an extraordinary mom who was there for all the moments, taught me forgiveness, and unconditional love. Through the years I did have, though I didn’t know for years later, […]

Waiting a Heavenly Harvest

June 19, 2016


In the effort to be completely authentic and life a #nofilter life, I write. Today a deep winter of my heart was opened and laid bare. For those of you that have lived with the absence of the fruitful spring, my heartaches with you {“mourn with those who mourn” Romans 12:15}. For those of you […]

Peppermint… Snow’s pup

May 31, 2016


In the spirit of #nofilterliving, I need to be open about my heart and this beautiful sweet girl, Peppermint. For the last month I have been praying, crying at different moments, and mentally preparing my emotions for a decision that has been heartbreaking wrenching to much (for both heath and i)…. Peppermint and Blitz being […]

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